Greetings, Daeva!

Three years ago to the day, AION turned Free-to-Play. On , the subscription fees  cheap aion kinah   were cancelled and since then, loads of new and free game content has arrived.
In the last year, the Aethertech joined the ranks of heroes and fights on the battlefields of Atreia in his mech. Reinforcements are also in great need, since Tiamat’s fall, Lord Beritra has been approaching ever closer to Atreia with his army. Soon you will have to show that you can stop him and save your people…

We have prepared a few things to richly celebrate the last three years. Coming up over the coming days and weeks:

NCsoft sales rise, income slips

Today, NCsoft announced its third-quarter results, and while sales were up 5 percent quarter over quarter to $88.3 million, its net income for the quarter fell 5 percent quarter over quarter to $11.1 million, down a substantial 21 percent year over year.

Supported heavily by its home base, 55 percent of NCsoft’s sales occurred in Korea. Breaking down the remaining 45 percent, NCsoft accrued $15.1 million from North America, $9 million from Europe, $8.6 million in Japan, and $2.8 million in Taiwan. The publisher also received $4.8 million in royalty income.

NCsoft noted sales were up 81 percent in Europe, which it attributed to its biggest new release for the quarter, Guild Wars: Eye of the North. In all, total sales of ArenaNet’s massively multiplayer online game Guild Wars were up 57 percent on the release of Eye of the North, garnering $14.4 million in sales. However, its Lineage franchise remained the primary breadwinner of the quarter, logging $26.2 million in revenue for the original game and $35.8 million for its successor, Lineage 2. City of Heroes and City of Villains combined for $6.3 million in sales.

NCsoft Q2 profits soar 451% with Aion

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game business can be a risky one, but NCsoft appears to have scored a hit with its latest entrant into the genre, Aion: Tower of Eternity. Following on from the game’s launch in Asia late last year, the South Korean publisher saw revenues spike 51 percent to KRW133.4 billion ($107.9 million) during its January-March quarter. Profit rocketed skyward 315 percent to KRW33.5 billion ($27 million).
Angels aren’t exactly angelic in Aion.
NCsoft has reprised those gains during its April-June financial period. Reporting on its second-quarter results, NCsoft has said that sales grew to KRW138 billion ($111.6 million) during the three-month period, a 70 percent year-over-year rise. Net income continued its steep climb as well, jumping 451 percent during the quarter to KRW33.7 billion ($27 million).

ChartSpot: October 2009

The month of Halloween put a collective scare in the US game industry. Overall, the non-PC domestic game industry shrank by 19 percent in October, with hardware declining 23 percent despite the fact that all three consoles recently got price cuts. The Wii was the month’s top console, followed by the DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, and nine-year-old PlayStation 2.
NBA 2K10 and Borderlands led Take-Two’s rally on the October NPD charts.
Software sales were also down 18 percent for the month, which saw NBA 2K10 take the top prize of overall best-seller with 575,000 units sold. Other big debuts included Borderlands, which sold 546,000 units despite analysts’ doubts that a new IP could launch during such a crowded month. If those numbers are matched in Europe, the game–which is already generating sequel talk–may have already hit the million-unit mark.

Shippin’ Out May 22-May 28: Dirt 3, Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Last week saw the release of big name games like L.A. Noire and Fable III for the PC, but this week’s focus is on off-road racing and portable 3D fighting action.

Leading the pack this week is Codemasters’ Dirt 3 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The game looks to continue the series’ move away from pure rallying with the addition of the gymkhana discipline to the event list. This sits alongside traditional rallies, point-to-point races, rallycross events, and more primarily off-road activities in a range of vehicles.
Dirt 3 zooms to retail on Tuesday.
In addition to the standard $60 edition of Dirt 3, the game will ship in a $300 RC car pack version. The pack includes a copy of Dirt 3, as well as a 1/16 model of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Fiesta. The RC car will come fully assembled and sport waterproof electronics, four-wheel drive, and a foam front bumper, as well as other specifics.

Tips And Tricks For The Newly Free-To-Play Aion

Today NCsoft launches Aion: Ascension, the free-to-play rebirth of its faltering MMO, complete with eagerly anticipated update 3.0 content like player housing, mounts, new zones and a raised level cap. To celebrate the impeding influx of freeloaders, producer Adam Christensen has written up a tips and tricks guide to surviving and thriving in Aion: Ascension.

Aion: Ascension adapts the “Truly Free” business model today. Utilising the C.U.B.E. — Customisable User Bundling Experience — system, players will be able to buy Cube from the Black Cloud Marketplace and fill it with whatever items will fit inside.

Confused? I am too, just a little. I’ve not played Aion for ages. I imagine my character endlessly hovering in the air, cobwebs draped across their magnificent wings. I honestly would not know where to start if I went back.

That’s where producer Adam Christensen comes in. He’ll guide us through the new features in Aion 3.0, giving us the skinny on what to see, when to see it, and how.

Steel Cavalry An Update to Be Excited About

Last week, Aion developers announced the Steel Cavalry content expansion that would include a brand new class among other things. We caught up with the team to chat about the update and much more. See what they had to say and then leave your reactions in the comments.
MMORPG.com: Steel Cavalry is another great free expansion for Aion players. What’s the past year been like for Aion?
Sean Orlikowski, Assoc. Product Manager: We’re definitely excited for what the update means for the game. Over the last year, we’ve added two entirely new and different classes to the game and that’s been a rewarding challenge. The Aethertech will be the third, and for the moment, final new class added to the game when Steel Cavalry launches.

Steel Cavalry Expansion Launching Jan 29th with New Class

NCSoft has announced that the latest Aion expansion will go live on January 29th. Called “Steel Cavalry”, the expansion brings the much-anticipated Aethertech class into the game. In addition, two new instances have been added, as well as skill and class balances and other feature improvements.
Check out the video below to find out more about the Aethertech class and let us know what you think.
You can also find out more about the upcoming Steel Cavalry expansion on the Aion site.

Fifth Anniversary Celebration Begins

NCSoft has announced its plans for the fifth anniversary celebration of Aion. The team has plans for prizes, contests, giveaways, in-game events, interaction with GMs and much, much more in honor of Aion’s anniversary.
Players familiar with Daeva’s Day, the annual Aion in-game celebration designed to commemorate Aion’s yearly anniversary, will welcome back fun activities designed to bring to life the anniversary in-game, allowing players to celebrate the milestone as well. During the course of the event, players will be treated to giant cakes providing special buffs that increase drop rate by 10%, double global item drop rates (which stackes with the cake buff), and on September 22, the actual date of the Anniversary, GMs will be available in-game providing more buffs and general merriment.
But come dressed to impress. Aion players will be able to do just that with the introduction of the Dazzling Daevanion armor, a special set of armor with some unique stats. Donning the Dazzling Daevanion armor, equippable at level 10, provides level 50-60 stats and set bonuses! Players level 10 can participate in this special deal once per account during the anniversary celebration for the promotional price of 1 NCOIN.

FIFA 15’s best players compete for place at Interactive World Cup

Chelsea’s Stamford Fifa Coins IOS   Bridge has seen its fair share of drama. League titles won, relegations in embryonic play-offs suffered, and most recently, a Champions League exit at the hands of a team that paid £50m for Fifa 15 Coins IOS    David Luiz.

But little can compete with the excitement generated by the UK qualifier for the Fifa Interactive World Cup, a competition to find the best FIFA15 player in the world.

Competitors came to the John Hollins suite in Stamford Bridge’s West Stand from all over the UK as they attempted to seal a place at the competition’s grand final, which will be held in Munich this July.